Color Analysis

Suit Wearing A ManSuit Wearing A Man
Man Wearing A SuitMan Wearing A Suit

Review the photo comparison above.  Your eyes are probably being drawn to the black suit because the black is demanding more attention than the model wearing it.  That’s great if we are trying to sell the suit, but when it comes to maximizing your image, the attention should naturally rest at the face, not distracted by the clothing.  In addition to overpowering you, wrong colors can deepen the appearance of wrinkles, darken circles under the eyes, add unwanted color to the face or strip color away.

A personal color analysis is a scientific process of color comparison, using fabric drapes, to reveal a collection of colors that complement one’s skin and natural color composition. Until you seek out a personal color analysis, you likely never discover the importance of your personal color choices.  The blue suit choice is an example of this gentleman realizing all the benefits of his personal color analysis. Not only does this suit allow you to naturally focus on the man’s face and eyes without distraction, he looks younger, healthier, approachable, and professional all at the same time.  This is the Your True Colors difference.

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Color Analysis
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